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Khattab, Ali, Sin Pais

"Ali Khattab is an Egyptian guitarist who moved from Cairo to Jerez de la Frontera to immerse himself in the flamenco music and culture he had fallen in love with. The result is a very personal style combining the music of Andalusia and the Arab world with a strong Egyptian flavour. Sin PaĆ­s is his latest recording, the follow-up to the award-winning Al-Zarqa. Rather than a typical fusion of styles, bending each to accommodate the other, Ali finds ways to allow each to express itself naturally. Ali's guitar and the oud of the young maestro Hesham Essam form the heart of this music. Arabic and flamenco rhythms work alongside each other which the violin, nay, accordion, double bass and percussion enrich. The occasional vocals are spine-tingling. The result is a group of musicians with the space to breathe and to move naturally and a perfumed alchemy emanates from this magical distillation. "