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Space Waves, 'Sing My Song' LP

"Shoegaze trio Space Waves are back on their home planet now--after an extended tenure in Portland, where they melted minds and picked up some nice press, they've returned to So Cal to celebrate the vinyl release of their new album Sing My Song. And while the title (and cover painting) suggest a certain kind of cuteness, the music is anything but. Space Waves like the atmosphere of Slowdive and the noise and depth of Loop (particularly on the opening of "Beach Cemetery") and put them together for their own overpowering take on rhythm, repetition, and the most skeletal of melodies. Singer/guitarist Kelley Bourland sounds especially ragged and raw next to Sarah Bourland's more distant, dissipated vocals, but that leaves lots to explore in between. Just like the band name promises, they're dealing in far out stuff." - OC Weekly