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Beaten By Them, People Start Listening

Beaten by Them's is a multi-national quintet consisting of guitarist Andrew Harris, guitarist and keyboardist Max McCormick, cellist Boima Tucker, bassist Spencer Murray and drummer Jeff Ardziejewski. The group has set their creative ambitions to write and perform rock music that transcends stylistic barriers. While bearing some sonic similarity to the previous release Invisible Origins (tribal drums, synthesizers and earthshaking bass, to name a few), it isn't a stretch to describe People Start Listening as an ambient record. Listening to this E.P. feels somewhat akin to watching a very weird and wonderful movie. It could be Beaten by Them's most accessible record yet. And, as is usual with these guys, the sound is top notch. People Start Listening should appeal to fans of progressive or experimental rock music, indeed any rock fan who has lost their appetite for the bland and unimaginative fare that is being served up these days.

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