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Pink Snowflakes, The, Sun Chasing... The Last Exploding Echoes

With screaming day glo sounds and colors, Sun Chasing… gives off pure ear candy excitement! This 12 track full-length features fuzzed out madness and trippiness this side of the happy acid world of the Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev and the Dark Side of the Moon in an opus of epic proportions! Sun Chasing... the Last Exploding Echoes is an engaging and experimental rock album with plenty of pop elements to reward more than one listen. The album itself is a work of art reading song to song like a good mix tape of varied styles leaning hard on the psychedelic side but not ever abandoning the idea of a decent pop or rock song. These songs hit you in the head and don't leave your brain for a long time! That's the magic that The Pink Snowflakes positively have, no doubt about that.

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