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Marsland, Adam, Go West 2 CD Set

After fronting '90s power pop band Cockeyed Ghost, L.A. musician Adam Marsland ducked the limelight for a decade, working successively as a DIY touring performer, arranger/bandleader and session musician (most notably with members of the Beach Boys, the legendary Wrecking Crew and 2008 Tony Award winner Stew). He nosed back above the radar as a songwriter with a best-selling 2008 compilation album. Go West is his first all-new original CD since 2004: a stunning double disc, 23 track coming-of-age song cycle charting an ambitious lyrical arc through some of the most diverse and intelligent pop songs ever to coexist on one album. Sonically echoing '70s pop epics like Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Go West speaks with one voice but never repeats itself stylistically, achieving a hard-won emotional depth not usually associated with melodies this sweet (a robbery and the sudden death of two family members occurred during recording).

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