Burnside Album Details

Kleveland, Harder

Is Rock 'n' Roll dead? Not if Portland, Oregon's female-fronted rock explosion Kleveland has anything to say about it. Harder is a long-time coming for Kleveland, the follow-up to 2006's self-titled full-length, and 2003's Everybody Wants To EP. Line-up changes, countless tours, various record sessions, and plenty of rock later, Harder delivers what every Kleveland fan has come to expect: push-and-pull guitar-rock that is as abrasive and loud as it is witty and snarling. Harder is the type of rock record that you can blast with the windows down in the summer, while driving down the freeway, put on at a party and get everyone pumped up, or crank loud in your room when you're just plain pissed off. It's melodic vigor, sweet disdain, and unwavering attitude make it the melodic, piss-off rock record of the year, a crushing, spirit-filled romp through tough-as-nails hooks, barbed-wire melodies, and 70s arena glory revisited.