Burnside Album Details

Neill, Casey & The Norway Rats, Goodbye To The Rank And File

Casey Neill & The Norway Rats, including The Decemberists' Jenny Conlee as a permanent member of the band, and also featuring Little Sue, Jesse Emerson, Ezra Holbrook, Chet Lyster (Lucinda Williams' guitar player), and Hanz Araki, deliver their best album to date with Goodbye to the Rank and File. A twelve-song collection of mesmerizing pop-rock and roots-rock songs from a cast of musicians who know the scene well, Goodbye to the Rank and File incorporates moments of Pogues-influenced Irish-punk with well-crafted, timeless pop songs, all melded together with earnest, guitar-in-hand rock songs. Casey Neill's second full-length with The Norway Rats, this record picks up where the predecessor, Brooklyn Bridge, left off. Instead of being recorded at various studios and over a span of years, Goodbye to the Rank and File finds the band hunkering down at producer/drummer Ezra Holbrook's NE Portland-based studio and recording a record that shows the growth and power of the band, as well as a cohesive product.