Burnside Album Details

Phil Hesh, 'Dead Surf' EP

For the first time, Phil Hesh’s unchecked madness has been captured in hi-fi 360° stereo sound. There’s a party in the back and now, without anyone in the driver’s seat, Hesh’s band is free to explore their strange and sometimes staggering musical tendencies. Leaked versions of the EP’s first single “Fonk” are already spilling out on to dance-floors while hidden horn gems like “Herb” are creating all kinds of buzz in the space-jazz community. Early reviews are calling Dead Surf “Herbie Hancock on street drugs” and “Like 80s soundtrack but then it cool like not hipster but like bigger movies.” At least one thing is clear. Old jazz hounds and young longhairs alike can get down with the sounds of Phil Hesh. Comprised of ex-members of Hockey, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Merle Haggard’s The Strangers and features Portland legend Renato Caranto on saxophone.