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Alieksey Vianna, Plays Sergio Assad Solo Guitar Works

Many of us know of the Assad Brothers, Sérgio and Odair Ossad-probably the finest guitar duo ever. Some of us also know of Sérgio's immense arranging and composing talents. After much consultation and working together, Aliéksey Vianna performs all of Sergio's original solo guitar works. Sérgio himself produced the session and the results are obvious. This is an essential recording for the classical guitar world. "Aliéksey Vianna is a very talented musician-fully dedicated to his work and greatly committed to his art. He has put a lot of energy into this project and we can all feel the reward. I'm pleased to have my entire solo guitar production to this date, represented here by him and I hope to write more solo pieces in the future." -Sérgio Assad (from Sérgio's liner notes)