Burnside Album Details

Various Artists, It Crawled From the Basement:The Green Monkey Records Anthology 2 CD Set

Seattle Underground Rock 1983-91 - a specially priced 2 CD set with 28 page booklet! These 47 tracks cover the label's 44 releases with songs by 32 artists. This set is the vital link in the post-punk pre-grunge Seattle music world. Eclectic, electric underground pop/rock - it is history with a beat. Features the Green Pajamas (Kim the Waitress as well as two previously unreleased PJs tracks), The Life, Slam Suzzane, The Walkabouts, Mr. Epp and the Calculations, The Purdins, The Fastbacks, Capping Day, The Fall-outs, Danger Bunny, and more, remastered for you with love by GMR Prez Tom Dyer. You know you want this! The Green Monkey label is your assurance of quality- buy no other brand!