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Green Pajamas, The, November

November is the Green Pajamas unreleased third album from 1988. Recorded live in the studio with a small audience by grunge-master Jack Endino, the original mixes were released cassette-only in '88 - 150 or so copies. This was the swan song for the version of the band that recorded the classic Book of Hours - they were clearing the decks of various old stuff in preparation for an alternate future that didn't quite occur. It was re-mixed in 1998 by Endino and long- time Pajama Joe Ross; this is the first time these mixes have been heard. This is very much a representative record of the Pajamas live show circa 1987 (not including Book of Hours or Summer of Lust material). It's raw, untampered with, and gets better with volume. "Sort of the great lost Pajamas album." - Jack Endino

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