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Green Pajamas, The, Green Pajama Country!

Seattle's Green Pajamas have taken a left turn from their psych-pop-guitar-rock and headed for the Country. Jeff Kelly has always had a dalliance with country in his heart and in his music. Some of the songs on this CD date back as far as 1986 to his earliest home-recorded releases, though these are brand new recordings. While most songs are new, they reflect an old-school country sensibility; they would be more at home with Hank and Johnny Cash than the country charts of today. Jeff and bass player Joe Ross have toyed with the idea of this album for ten years. It needed to age. It was worth the wait. This is not a gimmick. It is not a marketing ploy. It is just plain good music played from the heart. From its sly opening tribute to the classic westerns to the mournful close, Green Pajama Country is a Classic.

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