Burnside Album Details

Fuzz, The, Best Kept Secret

The Fuzz are total West Seattle Rock. Two guitars, bass and drums. Old enough to know better, but that just don't matter. With Best Kept Secret, their 3rd album, they are planning to expand the hood. From the opening primal guitar turmoil of "Can't Wait" to the epic closer, "Call The Cops," add it up and you get something that is not halfway between the Dead Kennedys and the Rolling Stones but might be a third of the way. The Fuzz get it done. 100%. The Fuzz is no longer content to be Seattle's Best Kept Secret. They wanna blow that up. Their new release is the first of their three albums recorded in a real recording studio (the previous two were recorded in the basement) and is coming to you from the home of true Seattle Underground Rock, Green Monkey Records.