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Fur For Fairies, Fur For Fairies

Susanne Kelly is a Seattle artist and pop music singer working as Fur For Fairies. In 2014, she released a duo album By Reckless Moonlight with husband Jeff Kelly of the Green Pajamas. This is her next artistically logical step. Fur For Fairies is produced by Mr. Kelly but, make no mistake: this is Susanne's album. This is her voice, her pointed tongue. It is not a pretty voice, not a tutored voice. It is naïvely sweet, while still a ragged voice of a lifetime of earthy, lusty, experience: an instrument, a tool, a brush. Fur For Fairies is not easy pop for beginners. Should you favor Lenard Cohen, Marianne Faithful, Polly Jean Harvey and that dark sort, you may find you've a hungry spot for Fur For Fairies.