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AAIIEE is the name, pronounced as a guttural scream. Folly is the second album by a band that debuted in 1981 at a gig with Seattle legends the Fastbacks and the U-men - a proud follow-up their 2012 tribute to the 1962 World’s Fair, See You In Seattle. Folly is an eclectic offering, with songs ranging from barn-recorded smash rockers like “Keep Clam” (a tribute to “Old Seattle” icon Ivar Haglund) to the dreamy psyche-jazz-prog of the epic title tune. However, there is no song stranger than the opener “The Sportsman” a psychotic angling tale with a monster fish inside a grain silo. Not now. Not ever. So beautiful. AAIIEE has performed at innumerable dive bars and appeared on a bunch of fine comps and proudly presents their second album in 35 years

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