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Berntsen, Neal, Trumpet Voices: Classics For Trumpet Ensemble

Neal Berntsen of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and Pittsburgh Symphony Brass is equally at home in any musical setting. Whether performing with such major orchestras as Pittsburgh, Chicago, or Boston; playing chamber music with Pittsburgh Symphony Brass or Asbury Brass of Chicago; working in commercial settings in the studio or backing contemporary artists, Mr. Berntsen is one of today’s leading trumpet players. Utilizing the latest in recording technology, Mr. Berntsen superbly performs all of the trumpet parts on this collection, giving the music an outstanding dynamic brilliance. Some of music history’s greatest names, (Altenburg, Schiedt, Janacek, Stravinsky and Britten) are heard along with some of today’s most accessible composers, (Turrin, Broughton, and Moody) in this interesting and eclectic recording. The ensemble size ranges from 1-14 and guarantees to keep the listener eagerly engaged. Trumpet Voices promises to present Berntsen’s glowing tone and musicality in an audiophile’s dream setting.