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Harmed Brothers, The, Better Days CD

Drawing inspiration and influence from artists such as Wilco, Ryan Adams, and The Avett Brothers, the Harmed Brothers hit the road shortly after forming in 2009. They have been touring relentlessly ever since, building a loyal International fanbase, and they now stand poised to break out. Ray Vietti and Alex Salcido began writing songs that sidestepped conventional rhythms and bluegrass structure in order to develop their own self-styled "indiegrass" aesthetic. Melding indie rock fervor with the intricate fretwork of bluegrass, the band steer their way through both genres without slowing and manage to come out on the other side with something unique and wholly their own. Better Days showcases the band at the height of their powers as they immerse in blissful harmonies and their trademarked sound of banjo/guitar shuffling. The 12” LP version contains a digital download card.

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