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Drunken Prayer, The Devil and the Blues

Morgan Christopher Geer, who performs solo and with band as Drunken Prayer, splits residence between Asheville, NC and Portland, OR. Morgan is also the current studio and touring guitar player for Freakwater. He is the son of a New Orleans folk singer and a California mushroom farmer. His wit comes easy, in whispers, shouts and sneers. He's a showman-"a barking ringleader with chops between Tom Waits and the Butthole Surfers' Gibby Haynes" (Willamette Week). The Portland Mercury going so far as to declare Geer "Warren Zevon's medium, showing him the world from the great beyond." The Devil and The Blues is Drunken Prayer's 4th record, and 3rd on Fluff and Gravy. The record itself is pure Americana, as told through the twisted mind of Morgan Geer.

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