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Hearts of Oak, New England CD

Hearts of Oak's third release, New England brings the band to an exciting new electric sound. Featuring the songs of Nate Wallace, the band has taken the sound in a more Crazy Horse / Velvet Underground direction...psychedelic fans rejoice! When asked if there’s a general theme or message running throughout this album, Nate says “Love, loss and longing, but that theme has been running through everything I’ve ever written.” A standout example of this is a line from the song "Lovers Ain’t Easy," where he sings “I think about you when I’m all alone, that’s how I pray.” Nate grew up in a log cabin deep in the woods of New England--Maine to be exact--and moved to the West Coast after high school to "escape his demons," as he puts it. New England is also available on 180 gram vinyl.

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