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Lovinggood, Preston, Duncan b/w No Baby 7" Vinyl

Preston Lovinggood was the driving force behind Wild Sweet Orange - a powerful and profoundly literate indie-rock combo from Birmingham who is sorely missed by a still-growing cult of fans. After WSO broke up Loveinggood thought he'd quit music for good; fortunately, Preston found music once more. Or did it find him? Regardless, Lovinggood is in the process of recording a new album of original material. The A-side is an amazing and beautiful cover of Paul Simon's "Duncan" - a song that could have been written especially for Lovinggood With an indelible atmosphere, a perfect vocal and a driving rhythm, "Duncan" is one of those rare covers that is as good (if not better) than the original. The flipside, "No Baby," is a vaguely-blusey Lovinggood original that flows smooth and warm.

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