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Terry Adams, Holy Tweet

Terry Adams, composer, arranger, bandleader, producer, and one of the most innovative and authentically unique keyboardists in contemporary music, is best known as the founder and driving force of the great American band NRBQ. Since the Q stopped recording and touring in 2004, Adams has released a CD every year, some pop-rock, some jazz, all distinctive, adding to the solo identity he began to forge in 1995 with his album Terrible. Holy Tweet is one of Adams¹s best recordings ever, which is saying a lot for someone whose band, solo, studio, and live album output is nearing forty releases. There are eleven songs, all original but one, all presented with the “carefully-tended musicality we¹ve come to expect from one of American music¹s goofball geniuses”. (Santa Barbara Independent) The songwriting is stronger than ever (and this from the writer of such NRBQ favorites as Me And the Boys, I Want You Bad, and Little Floater), the vocals sublime, the melodies, playing, and production outstanding. Featured musicians on Holy Tweet are Scott Ligon, the guitarist and vocalist from Adams¹s current band The Terry Adams Rock & Roll Quartet, and NRBQ bandmate, drummer Tom Ardolino. Holy Tweet will knock you out!

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