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John Calloway, The Code

The flute of John Calloway helped to spark a Carribean musical renaissance in the 70s as part of the neo-traditionalist Tipica Cienfuegos. Calloway was bitten by the charanga bug and left the Bay Area for New York to learn more. He returned often and has been in numerous Latin bands on both coasts. A resident of San Francisco, he is the co-director of the esteemed Machete Ensemble as well as producing and directing many major projects in the Bay Area and beyond. With his second release, The Code, Calloway offers 10 compositions that illustrate his affection for Jazz and Afro-Latin themes as well as his creativity and innovation as both an arranger and composer. “I suggest you put your seat belts on and get ready for the ride of your life. John maintains the integrity of tone, phrasing and melody throughout” Dave Valentin, Grammy winning artist

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