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John Calloway, Diaspora

The flute of John Calloway helped to spark a Caribbean musical renaissance in the I 970s, as part of the neo-traditionalist band Tipica Cienfuegos. Calloway was bitten by the charanga bug and left for New York City in 1980 to explore. He returned periodically. In between his studies and stints with Manny Oquendo & Libre, Charanga 76. Oscar Hernandez, Jimmy Bosch and others, to write, record and sit in with Batachanga, the evolutionary offshoot of Tipica Cienfuegos. Since then, his work as co-director of the acclaimed Machete Ensemble and a long string of resident salsa bands has been formidable. "Calloway has come out of the shadows with Diaspora. An excellent debut recording that resonates with his musical life experiences. Offering 10 original compositions that illustrate his affection for jazz and Afro-Latin themes, Calloway is a seasoned improviser who can play a soulful funk-blues style (a Ia Hubert Laws or Herbie Mann), as well as traditional danzon textures, he creates ethereal, soothing melodies, and intense, hard-driving improvisations." -Jesse Chuy Varela, Latin Beat Magazine, December/January 2002 "John Calloway’s musical talent is on full display on Diaspora. John’s flute playing on this CD is outstanding. His concept and sound on the flute although influenced by the great Latin/Latin-jazz flautists of the past is uniquely all his own and he should be included when we speak of the great Latin-jazz flautists of today. As if this were not enough. John shows how prolific he is by composing and arranging most of the songs and also by playing some piano and percussion. As much as this CD is a testament to John’s talent, the excellent music you hear would not have been possible without the team of musicians who contributed their talent to make the great music heard on this CD." - Oscar Hernandez, 2003

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