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Johnstone, Jude, On A Good Day

On A Good Day showcases Johnstone's trademarks of meaningful lyrics and beautiful melodies, while transporting the listener through a diverse range of feelings. The material reveals an artist who is unafraid to dive into deep emotional waters. This project has attracted an impressive group of guest artists including Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Rodney Crowell and Julie Miller. Their mutual respect for Jude and her music is expressed by several of the artists: "Jude is one of the most soulful, deep singer-songwriters I know. On A Good Day is an extraordinary follow up to her brilliant first album, Coming of Age." - Bonnie Raitt "Jude Johnstone's music brings to mind the poetic sensibilities of Laura Nyro and Jackson Browne. And if that weren't enough, the girl is blessed with the kind of charisma that flat out oozes dark mystery and Earth Goddess sensuality ala' Chrissie Hynde. High Praise? You bet! I'm a huge fan." - Rodney Crowell

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