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Brian Kalinec, The Fence

Brian Kalinec's award-winning songwriting combines his early East Texas roots with his years of the Houston urban experience for is own particular view of the world. His new CD, The Fence, is a collection of stories which relate to the value of work and/or effort in one way or another. Many aspects of such effort are covered here--from building a fence to cutting stone, from choosing a career over a relationship to losing a job, from homelessness to home repairs, from Teddy Roosevelt's star-crossed river adventure in the jungles of South America to a woman whose life is forever affected by her boyfriend's poor choices. Produced by Kalinec and Michael Mikulka and recorded at Lucky Run Studios, The Fence features a fine cast of musicians and vocalists, most notably Merel Bregante, Patterson Barrett, Matt Harlan, Connie Mims, and Cathy-Anne McClintock. Legendary folk singer Tom Pacheco pens the liner notes.