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Cheevers, Bob, Tall Texas Tales

Bob Cheevers' Tall Texas Tales finds him pulling his feet out of the Mississippi Delta mud of his Memphis roots and writing observations of his new life in Texas with characters like "Mushroom Cloud Lil", the road musician in "Budget Motel" and with temptress Carmen who lives in the fabric of "Turquoise Heart With A West Texas Smile". Cheevers' Austin producer Stephen Doster put it perfectly saying this: "When you listen to Bob Cheevers, you'll be hearing a singer-songwriter at top of his game. Bob came to Texas, looked around and began to write about the things he saw. His observations about Texas made me wanna go there...and I’m from Texas. Not only is Tall Texas Tales a wonderful travelogue of my great state, it is full of songs that could only be written by a man whose life is rich with experience and deep insight. Bob Cheeevers is an American classic...make no mistake about it!"

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