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Brothers of the Baladi, Food of Love

Food of Love is the second recording from Brothers of the Baladi. Originally recorded and released on cassette in 1983, this is the official CD release of the second of the duo's first three recordings featuring Michael Beach and Joseph Pusey performing Arabic, Turkish, Persian and Armenian music. The title quotes Shakespeare: "If music be the food of love, then play on.” In fact the duo provided music for several Shakespeare plays through those years. This CD includes a medley of Arabic songs, a Persian suite complete with a zarb (Persian drum) drum solo, two Armenian folk dance songs and guest vocalist Christine Gault singing an Arabic folk song called Festani. They perform all the music on traditional acoustic Middle Eastern instruments with guest artist Stephen Skaggs on Middle Eastern clarinet. Vocals are in Arabic, Farsi and Armenian. Food of Love is perfect for Belly Dancers, American Tribal Dancers, Folk Dancers and anyone interested in Middle Eastern and World Music.

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