Burnside Album Details

Johnson, Jeff & Brian Dunning, Patrick

In the fading years of the fourth century, Britain was enjoying the last twilight of a golden age. There was peace and plenty, and easy wealth through trade for its favored citizens. But, the ancient world was teetering the brink of cataclysm. On every border the empire was under barbarian attack. One man who lived through those tumultuous times was Succat of Morgannwg, better known to us as Saint Patrick. Here is the music that captures the spirit behind Patrick’s life and faith. The renowned Contemporary Celtic, American-Irish duo of Jeff Johnson (keyboards) and Brian Dunning (flute, whistles, accordion) are joined by John Fitzpatrick (violin), Janet Chvatal (soprano), Jozef Luptak (cello) and others in this enchanting and dynamic soundtrack of Patrick’s story.