Burnside Album Details

Hamell On Trial, The Night Guy at The Apocalypse Profiles of a Rushing Midnight

"Ed Hamell aka Hamell on Trial is a one man juggernaut and anti-folk hero who has circumnavigated the world with only his guitar for a vessel and paddle. His new album 'The Night Guy at The Apocalypse Profiles of a Rushing Midnight' is being releases on limited edition vinyl and digital only. The album, recorded entirely on his cell phone at locations as far-fetched as the bathroom of The Keflavik International Airport in Iceland and in his car in a parking lot in Detroit, is a rambling 13 song tale full of sex, violence, substance-abuse and revenge that is centered around a fictional tavern called The Apocalypse. The album is a return to the style of his classic album Chooch Town---a character driven black comedy piece that is sure to resonate with longtime fans and new converts. Not for the faint of heart this album would probably carry at least two parental advisory warnings on the cover, if we did that sort of thing. "