Burnside Album Details

Blake, Norman & Nancy; Boys of the Lough; James and Rachel Bryan, Rising Fawn Gathering

"“Today I look back to October, a year ago, and a session Nancy and I had the pleasure of hosting in our home, here in Rising Fawn, GA with the Boys of the Lough and our long time friend, James Bryan and his daughter Rachel. We first met the Boys years ago in Canada at one of the major folk festivals. We were impressed with the parallels in our music and theirs. We quickly became friends and in 1984 played at Harvard University on a double bill with them. Nancy has wanted to do a session with them ever since. A once in a lifetime experience!” Norman Blake The first of the full-time professional Celtic Bands to arise on the international scene, BOYS OF THE LOUGH now occupy a unique position of respect in the world of traditional music. They have completed over 70 tours of the USA and their performances and recordings are spread over five decades. Boys of the Lough “One of the finest bands in Celtic Traditional Music.” New York Times Norman & Nancy Blake “A trip through American musical history.” New York Daily News