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Cloak Ox, The, Shoot The Dog CD

Andrew Broder, Martin Dosh, Mark Erickson, and Jeremy Ylvisaker have been steadily, recklessly executing scads of musical projects whilst steadfastly ignoring prevailing trends or eventual reception. The outcome of each has been true, though some are more remembered than others: Fog, Hymie's Basement, Crook&Flail, Andrew Bird (and band), Alpha Consumer, Dosh. But none of that much matters now. This Minneapolitan foursome have delivered a fully realized work that simultaneously encapsulates and destroys their combined past endeavors. This debut LP is a self-actualized study of parallel lives lived, abandoned spaces explored, vital/petty scores kept, momentary peace attained and, mostly, freedom sought. It sometimes sounds like a proto-metal band playing R&B. Or a fusion group covering Tom Petty. Or Manchester alt-dudes doing Americana. Actually, it sounds like The Cloak Ox, and that's clearly a pretty silly thing to try and pin down.

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