Burnside Album Details

Quiet Life, FOGGY LP

Produced by and featuring Scott McMicken of Dr. Dog, FOGGY was born out of several mid-summer weeks spent at McMicken’s own Philadelphia studio, allowing an environment of complete freedom, translating all-night sessions into what would become the aesthetic of the album. Quiet Life spent these days and nights, siphoning the sound they’ve cultivated through the ambiance of the session, to be distilled by McMicken, into an album brimming with what CMT called “oceanside swagger”. Rolling Stone has called the band "charming", and Esquire touts them as "comfortably authentic". FOGGY is an easy-going collection of songs that defines the band as a purveyor of classic rock and roll sounds, and as a successor to rock and roll staples, who have managed to create a sound unmistakably their own.

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