Burnside Album Details

Lewis, Peter, Just Like Jack

Rock music took a new path in the Sixties, right into previously unknown territory of sound exploration. And sometimes, that exploration just went right back to the roots of the well-established sounds of folk, blues, jazz, and country. Moby Grape took all these things and brought them together into a psychedelic core. With all five members contributing songs and vocals, it was a democratic arrangement resulting in some of the era’s finest albums. Among those five was songwriter Peter Lewis, whose presence in the world of recorded music has been entirely too rare since that magical time. Until now. SteadyBoy Records is proud to release the first solo recording from Lewis in over two decades. Just Like Jack is a poetic ramble down the road, Kerouac-style, with the musical spirit of the great Moby Grape, still defying easy category placement other than that of stellar songs sung from the heart.