Burnside Album Details

Wolfe, Jenny, After School

Here comes the rocking sophomore effort from an actual sophomore--in high school. Jenny Wolfe was just thirteen when her first album, Jenny Wolfe and the Pack, was recorded, and her voice was mature and stunning then. Now she's older, wiser, and ready to rock, with her solo album, After School. Jenny's amazing voice already packed a punch, now it knocks you out. With a rock and roll heart and an uncanny ability to make classic songs her own, Jenny shines on "Dancing in the Streets," "Baby It's You," and "I Want You Back." But she's also nailing producer Freddie Steady Krc's undiscovered power pop gems, along with two tracks that she and Krc wrote together (the title track and "Twisted Smile"). It's clear now what Texas teen Jenny Wolfe will be doing After School in a few years. But you don't have to wait. It's After School right now.