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Staehely, Al & 10K HRS, Al Staehely & 10K HRS

Straight from rock and roll history comes the rare and classic solo album from former Spirit frontman, Al Staehely. Originally released as Stahaley's Comet (a deliberate misspelling of Al's last name, in order to represent the pronunciation phonetically), this is the 1982 album's first appearance on CD and its first appearance on this side of the pond. 10K Hrs. is the first step in Al's long-awaited and rockin' return to stage and studio-and it won't be the last. Staehely kept the legendary progressive rock band Spirit alive after the 1971 departure of several founding members. Al brought a blues rock feel from his native Texas, proving with the acclaimed Feedback album that Spirit endured. Al's songwriting talents led to covers by artists like Bobbie Gentry and Keith Moon, but his own interpretations rang truest. 10K Hrs. has muscle, energy, and rock and roll passion. Not to mention spirit.