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Freddie Steady 5, The, 1000 Miles CD EP

Melodic power pop is alive and well in the hands of the mighty Freddie Steady 5 from Austin, Texas. Freddie Steady has traveled a thousand miles times fifty times over in his musical lifetime, many miles shared with his mate Cam King on guitar, as both powered the legendary Explosives through an earlier musical wave. But this is the 1000 Miles to hear, as Freddie and Cam continue rocking them together. The vinyl version features four fiery new originals, bringing sixties rock roaring into 2012 with a modern sensibility. There’s a pure rock and roll groove through the urgent title track and the gloriously creepy “Twisted Smile.” The CD version includes two more songs: a Freddie rarity and a swirling psychedelic nugget from the late Rusty Wier’s early band, The Wig. Rusty’s son Bon drums in the Freddie Steady 5, so the miles lead back to where it all started.

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