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Downliners Sect, Dangerous Ground

The Downliners Sect were the raw, ragged, rocking real deal, blasting out of England in 1964 on an early British wave that took their contemporaries the Rolling Stones, the Yardbirds, the Kinks, and the Pretty Things to rock and roll heights and history. But unlike their friends, the Sect stayed true to their rhythm and blues roots and the grungy glory of the two and a half minute record. Cool tracks like "Baby What's Wrong" and "Little Egypt" gave them stardom in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway and an enduring cult status everywhere else. Half a century later, they're still true to those roots. The Sect survives, and SteadyBoy is thrilled to bring this album of tracks that only saw limited release in the nineties. Blues rock gets no more authentic, no more psychedelic, no more unrepentant than the Downliners Sect.

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