Burnside Album Details

Shakin' Apostles, Shakin' Apostles

It was a gloriously jangly power pop with a western twist that defined the mighty Shakin’ Apostles of Austin, Texas in the 1990s. They were musical descendants of Freddie Steady Krc’s previous band, The Explosives, a tight rocking trio of the prior decade. But as much as Krc loved those tight-as-a-drum three-minute rockers, he was equally influenced by the folk rock of Buffalo Springfield, the Byrds, and Moby Grape. The Apostles would be his outlet for a more western sound. Freddie had been Jerry Jeff Walker’s drummer, so Texas rock came into the mix, and it was shakin’. “Wild Wild West” was the quintessential Apostles song, and that’s what kicks off this gem of an album, finally available again after two decades. It includes five previously unreleased bonus cuts that capture the band in action on stage. You’ll like rockin’ in the wild, wild west with the unforgettable Shakin’ Apostles. Freddie's stellar guitarist bandmates from the Explosives (Cam King) and Jerry Jeff Walker (John Inmon) both bring the rock and roll to this classic album.