Burnside Album Details

Richardson, Pamela, Sainte-Fortunat

Chicago-based singer/songwriter Pamela Richardson finds her musical soul in Austin, Texas, where she recorded this new solo album, produced by her friend, Texas Music Hall of Fame member, Freddie Steady Krc. Krc and his best mate, virtuoso guitarist Cam King, serve as Richardson's studio band, adding a Texas touch to her beautiful, haunting melodies that call up stylistic comparisons to The Byrds' Gene Clark. And like Clark, Richardson knows that the best lyrical folk music can (and should) rock. Richardson's resonant voice and rich illustrative lyrics have been the most basic elements of her recordings with The Pralines, an Americana outfit with introspective songs supported by jangly sixties melodies and rhythm. With Sainte-Fortunat, it's apparent that the next great singer/songwriter to emerge from Austin's rich musical talent pool actually lives a thousand miles away.