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Explosives, The, KaBOOM!

The Explosives lived up to their name in the late seventies and early eighties, packing more power than their so-called punk rock peers. That’s because they were not actually punk rockers. Like Elvis Costello (saddled with the same inappropriate tag at the time), they played something that had been out of fashion for awhile: real rock and roll. Freddie Steady Krc, Cam King, and Waller Collie formed a tight unit, playing songs that mattered and rocked. Their signature song, “A Girl Like You,” kicks off this double disc set (which includes a live 1980 show from Austin’s Continental Club) documenting the Texas trio’s early years. Krc and King have revived the Explosives, which also serves as Roky Erickson’s band in the triumphant return to the stage of both Texas legends. KaBOOM! is about the first incarnation of the three friends who weren’t just talented, prolific, and fun. They were explosive.

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