Burnside Album Details

Hayes, Charles Lorenzo, Just Us

Charles Lorenzo Hayes Musician, Composer, Producer of Just Us: The album title exemplifies the intimate, beautiful music created by this artist and his saxophone, to be enjoyed by lovers and “smooth” jazz enthusiasts, but also alludes to the JUSTICE Mr. Hayes brings to the original and classic compositions featured in this latest musical venture as he takes the liberty to play the selections as he feels them. It also displays the talent developed over his lifetime. ENJOY! A native of St. Louis, Missouri, Charles “The Satin Knight” Hayes was blessed with a melodic gift, evident as a child when he began playing saxophone, and continuing throughout his 50-year career. Stanley Turrentine, one of his musical mentors and heroes, anointed him “The Satin Knight” based on Hayes’ ability to coax strong, sweet, sassy and sexy melodies from his sax, transcending “smooth jazz” and elevating a rhythmic groove to a new level.