Burnside Album Details

Swamp Dogg / Lucciana & Divine, When Dreams Come True

This is a very important ep because the four songs are inspirational, full of hope and eye opening to the financial perils confronting us, as well as the government and big business injustices that's been cast upon us so maliciously, via squandering of our pension funds, hikes in our taxes and mass unemployment just to name a few. Surrounding all of this is the song, WHEN DREAMS COME TRUE, is the ultimate dichotomy which speaks of hope and love for this country that can yield a person great success and respect, regardless of race, etc., if he works hard.....for some.... This (ep) is a combination of r’n’b & soul as only Swamp Dogg can deliver; employing words of hope, change and cynicism. His is a “lets get this country off it’s financial ass and put some people in D.C., that give a damn”. Lucciana & Divine, a hip-hop act being introduced via this ep, continues the motivational aspect , via their track “Can We Make A Change”. Their offering is designed to attract the young at heart and the connoisseurs of hip-hop and rap.