Burnside Album Details

Mann, Jake, Daytime Ghost

Drawing from indie rock sounds and songwriter senses, Jake Mann's music chases a haunting tune through the degraded landscapes, late night reveries, and lost affairs of a smart small town. Arranged for quartet, the overdriven guitar and drums lay a foundation for crooning vocals, melodic basslines, and understated leads. Reviewers have drawn comparisons to the music of early Elvis Costello, Beulah, Guided By Voices & Neil Young. Jake came up as a songwriter in the microcosmic scene of Davis, California, forming fuzz-pop outfit The Zim-Zims in 2002 to bring his 4-track recordings to the live stage. He worked out his compositions over 3 years of shows across California and two independent releases After completing a solo electric EP in 2005 and relocating to San Francisco, Jake collaborated in-studio with numerous bay area indie artists to produce some big sounds in the studio and on-stage. Daytime Ghost, charts a community's untimely and unfortunate dissolution. Echoing real and imagined transitions of the past few years, the songs dwell on departures, unfulfilled dreams, perpetual mire, heroic endings, undercover fun, and, in typical Jake fashion, some dark visions of the future we might be headed for.