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Amorim, Marcos, Sea of Tranquility

"Sea of Tranquility marks the fifth Adventure Music release for acclaimed Brazilian guitarist, Marcos Amorim. Thye album features Marcos on guitar, Rafael Barata on drums, Augusto Mattoso on bass, and Itamar Assiere on piano and Rhodes. “Apollo 11 finally landed on the SEA OF TRANQUILITY,” said the speaker on TV. I remembered astronaut Neil Armstrong floating in slow motion in a psychedelic dance as he picked up pebbles of the moon. A lonely and poetic image. That’s what I felt at that time. When I wrote and named this this song, I wanted to exactly portray the sensation of peace and solitude that I felt in 1969, at the age of five. It makes sense. “SEA OF TRANQUILITY” still represents to me today, that same peace that Leo felt. – Marcos Amorim, Rio de Janeiro, January 2016 "

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