Burnside Album Details

Various Artists, Unsealed: A Tribute to the Go-Go's

Four Alarm Records returned the band to its late-'70s punk roots with Unsealed: A Tribute to the Go-Go's. All the group's major hits are here, tackled with varying degrees of reverence by the likes of the Pinehurst Kids, Sunset Valley, the Chainsaw Kittens, the Frogs, and others. For the most part, no one seems capable of, or concerned with, diluting the saccharin sound of the music. A lot of the acts are satisfied with driving the hooks home via crushing power chords and spirited vocals, rendering the tunes as indie pop anthems. There are, as always, the exceptions. The Chainsaw Kittens throw a couple of verses from Iggy Pop's "Nightclubbing" into "We Got the Beat," Season to Risk restructures "This Town" with sinister keyboard textures that end in a techno freakout