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Fluttr Effect, Marking Time

Marking Time, the second full-length release from Boston’s Fluttr Effect is a rich tapestry, a finely woven album of complex, playful instrumentation and insistent vocals. The songs on Marking Time showcase Fluttr Effect's particular brand of "think-rock" - smart, haunting, unrelenting rock music. The multi-layered music found on Marking Time is lush and romantic, yet dark and angular - highly melodic, but occasionally chaotic - with unique and innovative use of unconventional instruments. The band consists of Vessela Stoyanova, who creates an amazing array of explosive texture and color on MIDI marimba, the versatile Valerie Thompson on electric cello, the enigmatic lead vocals of Kara Trott, the emotive and fierce fretwork of Troy Kidwell on electric guitar, and the highly technical rhythms of J. Marchionna on drums and percussion. Internationally renowned for their high energy live performances, these five musicians have spent years honing the signature Fluttr Effect sound, which can only be described as uniquely their own. Marking Time is the culmination of that effort and is a monumental example of truly progressive modern rock.