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Bolt, Movement and Detail

Captivating and unique, Bolt's noticeably darker sophomore release Movement and Detail has a personality that is also hard to pin down. There's a self-effacing thread that runs throughout the entire album, just beneath the cool technical precision. The band shifts from eerie atmospherics to hints of jazz but also morphs from metal riffage to groove-oriented, polyrhythmic texturing. Where the band’s first release was perhaps more of a technically oriented piece, on Movement and Detail , Bolt focuses on moods and song writing. Bolt once again provides the listener with an uncommon musical experience - this time, however, with a more mature sound and cohesive direction.
  • Format: CD
  • Cat: 10T10005
  • Label: 10T Records
  • UPC: 804663893524
  • Cost: $9.40
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