Burnside Album Details

Various Artists, Undercover

The concept behind 10T Records' UNDERCOVER is simple. We asked each artist from our roster to select a song by another artist that was influential in the development of their own musical identity; a composition that might not sound exactly what that 10T Records artist has evolved into, but one that significantly inspired their creativity at some point in their musical past. The mission was then to not simply do a faithful cover of that song, but to reinterpret the tune such that it represented where each artist musically finds themselves currently. This collection's purpose is to pay homage to superb artists from our past while providing our listeners with a unique view into the current mindset of these talented musicians with whom 10T Records is honored to be associated. Artists Include FROM.UZ, The Vital Might,Little Atlas, Man On Fire, Frogg Café, Bolt, Fluttr Effect, Everything In Seven, Elf Project, The Rebel Wheel, And Steve Katsikas covering songs by Pink Floyd, Genesis, King Crimson, Zeppelin, Kraftwerk and more.

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