Burnside Album Details

Vital Might, The, Red Planet

The Vital Might has created a quality progressive- alternative rock album with their release Red Planet. The album has all the characteristic rock elements, including strong electric guitar providing a loud foundation to their sound, but the band's inventiveness within their genre proves to make their album and their sound more multifaceted than their peers'. The band takes cues from Radiohead to stray, albeit not that far, from previously developed rock standards. They deconstruct the verse-chorus-verse- chorus-bridge pattern and have their vocal parts border on sporadic. The band also has the ability to create interesting guitar compositions that set them apart from bands with a similar sound, such as A Perfect Circle. Their variety also sets them apart from the alternative prog rock scene. The Vital Might's Red Planet takes alternative progressive rock one step further than their peers' attempts by making their album a must-listen for those who appreciate intense and loud instrumentation.