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FROM.UZ, Seventh Story

Hailing from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, FROM.UZ returns with their third full-length release, Seventh Story. Displaying the band's signature blistering instrumental prowess, FROM.UZ continues in the musical direction they have already established, while simultaneously stretching into adventurous new territory. Vitaly Popeloff (guitars) and Albert Khalmurzaev (keyboards), the compositional core of the original band remain on board to guide the musical direction. New are Igor Elizov (grand piano & keyboards), Ali Izmailov (percussion) and Sur'at Kasimov (bass). The music has become broader in its dimension through both new instrumentation (grand piano, xylophone & tubular bells), along with the addition of vocals for the first time, supplied by Popeloff himself, with Elizov and Khalmurzaev singing backing vocals.

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